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PlayWall™ for Advertisers

At its core, PlayWall™ is a highly customizable platform on which brand advertisers can build unique connections and messaging not available in the walled gardens of traditional display and video ad formats.

By incorporating brand imagery and messages into the gaming section of the PlayWall™ unit, advertisers can augment or complement the traditional preroll and display units delivered via the video player or static display segment.

For desktop delivery, PlayWall™ is designed to be 100% viewable and "above the fold" at all times, ensuring that users actually see what advertisers are paying for them to see.

PlayWall™ for Publishers

PlayWall™ effectively creates additional display and video inventory for publishers while presenting users with a new and fun advertising experience.

Because PlayWall™ is built to launch as often or as selectively as a Publisher wishes, it augments supply from fixed, hardcoded units that can only scale in lockstep with page views and app loads.

With PlayWall™, ease of use is top of mind. One, simple tag delivers both the video player or display ad and the gaming unit.

Mobile publishers previously limited to basic display monetization can now access premium MRAID and VPAID video CPMs; desktop websites with no video technology can easily launch the PlayWall™ video player on demand via a simple javascript tag.

To address the challenge of ad blocking, the AdFormics® team is developing a version of PlayWall™ that offers users an alternative to traditional ad formats, while giving Publishers increased opportunity for monetizing their audience and getting paid for the content and value they create.

PlayWall™ for Game Developers

PlayWall™ offers a branded distribution platform for Game Developers to get their games and game trailers in front of new audiences via new distribution channels on mobile devices and desktops.

The split screen PlayWall™ format allows Developers to promote trailers and key features of their games in the video player, while giving users the opportunity to sample actual game play in the gaming section of the unit.

PlayWall™ also allows Game Publishers access to premium advertising by offering custom branding opportunities within their games.

PlayWall™ for Mobile

PlayWall™ utilizes VAST, mobile VPAID and MRAID tags to deliver dynamic creative to unique opportunities on both smartphones and tablets.

Publishers optimize unmonetized inventory for both Mobile Web and In App.

Brands capitalize on the the Cross Screen opportunity to deliver dynamic, interactive creative in a safe environment.

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PlayWall™ for Desktop

PlayWall™ effectively creates additional display and video inventory while prioritizing user experience.

Simple JavaScript based integration augments display and video opportunities against engaging content.

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About AdFormics®

AdFormics® was founded on a simple idea - that advertising shouldn’t be punishment.

We believe that users should have more options for how advertising is presented to them; that publishers should be able to creatively and easily generate new inventory to augment "hardcoded" units and that advertisers should be allowed to deliver their message via new, fun and engaging form factors.

These simple ideas are the cornerstone of PlayWall™, the first digital advertising unit that combines customizable casual gaming with simple, one tag delivery of premium video and display CPMs.

AdFormics® Leadership

Samuel Cho

Samuel Cho

CEO & Founder

Samuel ChoCEO & Founder

As the founder and CEO of AdFormics, Sam originated and designed the PlayWall platform and successfully completed initial fundraise. He has assembled a team of industry experts in the advertising and technology industry, and under his leadership, the company had gone  from a concept to revenue in less than one year.

As an Entrepreneur with a career in innovation of ideas and developing those ideas from inception to market, Sam has been in the forefront of new technology. He brings his experiences in innovation of early gene therapy and first antibody based cancer therapy during an extensive career in biotechnology with Idec Pharmaceuticals and Biogen-Idec to Ad-technology.

Transitioning to a career in Intellectual Property, Sam’s experiences have included aiding clients in incubating and developing their ideas from initial stages of discovery through development and ultimately to market, focusing on Patent prosecution, IP enforcement, Product Licensing and Business Development.

Sam graduated from University of California, San Diego with BA, BS and MS degrees in Biochemistry and Cell Biology.

Gene Lee

Gene Lee


Gene LeeCOO

Gene Lee joined as COO of AdFormics in 2013. Gene was most recently CFO at TorreyCommerce, Inc. a leading e-Commerce solutions provider in the Home Improvement sector. He spearheaded the development of the cash management and capital infrastructure, and streamlined the financial planning process.

Previously, Gene also owned and operated auto parts retailer.

Prior to that experience, Mr. Lee worked as an Investment Banker with UBS Investment Bank in Hong Kong for over 6 years. He initially started his career as an engineer for IBM Corporation in the Semiconductor Sector.

Gene has a diverse financial and operational background, with experience at both start-up and large corporations.

Gene graduated with MBA in Finance and ME and BS in Chemical Engineering degrees all from Cornell University.

Gareth Noonan

Gareth Noonan

SVP Operations

Gareth NoonanSVP Operations

Gareth Noonan is a seasoned digital media executive with broad experience building and running businesses in the online video space.

From 2007 to 2014, Noonan held various roles at blinkx, the London-listed video search and discovery conglomerate, including General Manager with full P&L responsibility for all things video operations and monetization.

In addition to driving blinkx’ advertising business from pre-revenue to some of the strongest EBITDA margins in the industry, Gareth was active in M&A, including the 2013 acquisitions of Grab Media and Rhythm New Media which positioned blinkx for success in the key areas of video syndication and premium mobile advertising.

After leaving blinkx, Gareth has engaged in ongoing consulting arrangements with a number of market leading desktop video and mobile app distribution and monetization businesses.

Prior to blinkx, Noonan established a full-service online marketing agency with in Ireland, and also held various marketing management positions at ATX Communications, a B-to-B ISP and telco located in Philadelphia.

Gareth attended Trinity College, Dublin, majoring in Business and Economics.

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PlayWall™ provides fun and engaging solutions to ad blocking for publishers to offer their audience